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Midsummer Flea Market, June 2019

Swedish Women’s Educational Association (SWEA) and the Swedish Church in Melbourne welcomes you to participate in our Midsummer Flea Market (SE: midsommarloppis)! The flea market will take place in connection with Nordic midsummer celebrations at the Swedish Church where a few hundred participants are expected.

Participation as a stallholder at the flea market is $25 and includes one table (that can be shared with friends should you so like) with a set of blank price tags. To book a table, email this parenthesis with the @ sign) Table bookings are open until Thursday 20 June or until we’ve reached maximum capacity, whichever happens first.

Example of things that you can sell at the flea market:
• Toys
• Household appliances & utensils
• Clothes & shoes
• Sporting equipment
• Books & magazines
• Ornaments
• Linen, towels & fabrics
• Camping equipment

Example of things that are not allowed:
• Items that are broken or dirty
• Furniture
• Food and drinks
• Things that won’t fit on top of or just in front of the table. Use common sense.
• Items that are not pre-owned (i.e. new things); the whole idea with a flea market is the re-use of things

Important information
• The celebrations are open to the public between 11am and 2pm but you have access to the table from 10am to give you time to set up.
• The flea market will take place in the veranda room at the back of the church, past the shop/café.
• Table booking fees are non-refundable; you can sell your spot (table) to someone else should you be unable to attend, but the booking stays in your name.
• All proceeds from goods sold go back to the seller.
• The seller is responsible for his/her flea market items, pricing and managing the cash. The church and SWEA are not liable if anything breaks or gets stolen.
• The seller is responsible for removing any items that don’t get sold; nothing is to be left behind.
• Clothes racks will not be available; you need to bring this yourself should you need one.

If you have any questions, please contact this parenthesis with the @ sign)

We hope to see you there!
SWEA & Swedish Church in Melbourne